Honest Marriage Advice That If Followed, Can Save Your Marriage

In order to have a long, happy maariage, you need practical marriage advice on how to improve the quality of your marital relationship or, maybe even, to save your marriage from a very costly, emotionally-depleting divorce. If so, you you have found an excellent resource to help you in 2014.

Debbie and Dale Schaefer have 30 years of proven results with their own marriage, but that's not all, they have helped many others with a simple, easy-to-follow action plan that can turn your spouse into a life-long Soul Mate!  

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Do you want some great tips on how to regain the love, rekindle the passion and save your marriage?

We are talking about real marriage advice from Dr. Dana Fillmore, Clinical Psychologist, with over 15 years of experience helping couples get their marriage back on track and keep it happy for the long term.

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Marriage is two hearts committed to one goal....

Can you identify with any of these?

  • You want a fulfilling, happy marriage, but spouse isn't on the same page with you.
  • Your spouse cheated on you and you are struggling to survive this affair.
  • Your marriage is falling apart and you’re trying to avoid divorce.
  • You and your spouse have drifted apart and the love and passion is gone from your relationship.
  • You are fed up with all the arguing and fighting in your marriage.
  • You are unhappy or depressed and you want to feel good about yourself and your marriage again.
  • You or your spouse is going through a midlife crisis and need guidance to get through this.
  • You are losing hope, but you want to give it one last chance to make it work.
  • You and your spouse don't seem to have the same priorities for your marriage.
  • You are separated from your spouse and you are struggling with some big issues and need some help.
  • You are actively seeking ways to improve your relationship and to find your soul mate. 

If any of these describe how you are feeling, we want to provide the practical marriage advice that will help you turn things around and help you and your mate fall in love again.

Let's talk openly and honestly with one another, working on your marriage can be tough. It can be very painful, but not working on it can lead to even more pain and frustration. And trying to fix your broken marriage with finger-pointing and blame can lead to fighting that can destroy your relationship all together. All to often married couples try to avoid dealing with their problems all together or they continually fight until they are emotionally drained with nothing left to try to constructively fix their marriage problems.  

As a couple that went through these same issues in our own marriage twenty years ago right after our tenth wedding anniversary, we can provide practical marriage advice and guidance that can truly help you save your marriage because it saved ours. We not only saved our marriage, but we found the Soul Mate each of us wanted to share our life with for a life time.

Unfortunately, that is not what happens with most couples. Instead, many couples, after years of trying to work on their marriage, just give up and end up in divorce court. Divorce may put an end to an emotionally-draining relationship, but it brings it's own set of problems, including financial devastation for both parties, a broken family with children who are emotionally hurt and have a lower self-esteem than children from happy families.

While we are not professional counselors ourselves, we can guide you to some of the resources we used to help fix our marriage.  We are going to provide marriage advice through our blog, videos and other resources found throughout this website.

Romantic Love
Every marriage needs romantic love elements in it to keep the passion alive and well.
Save Your Marriage
You will find the marriage advice, resources and counseling you need to save your marriage no matter how bad things seem right now.
Falling Out of Love
It is very common for one or both partners in a struggling marriage to say they felt like they were falling out of love. We will explore ways to reverse this divorce-causing concern.
Marriage Counselor
A marriage counselor can help help couples work through their problems and open up new lines of communication.
Money Problems
Money problems in a marriage creates a lot of tension in the relationship, but there are some simple things you can do to fix them.
Infidelity in marriage doesn't mean the marriage won't survive, in fact, many marriages do survive and become stronger because of this indiscretion.
Love Test
There are simple love tests that we can take to know whether we are compatible for the long-term with the person we are engaged or married to now.
love letters
Learn how to re-kindle the love and passion in your marriage through love letters from the heart.
Marriage Retreat
A marriage retreat is truly a wonderful option to improve your marital relationships and to make your married life full of pleasure and enjoyment.
Making Love
A happy marriage includes making love to your spouse to bring them pleasure and fulfillment.
Love Compatibility
Love compatibility is critical for a long-term, happy marriage.
Long Distance Relationships
Long distance relationships, including marriages, can work if both partners are willing to work at it and be flexible with one another.
5 Love Languages
When you learn the 5 Love Languages as defined by author Gary Chapman you will be able to better communicate and connect with your spouse.
Marital Problems
All couples have their share of marital problems, but they don't have to overwhelm your relationship.
Marriage Quotes
A list of inspirational marriage quotes from great thinkers and leaders.
Date Night Ideas
Marriage can become boring and mundane if you don't come up with some creative date night ideas to keep the romance in your relationship.
Communication Breakdown
A communication breakdown is usually a major sign that your marriage is headed for trouble, so you need to find help quickly.
Survive His Affair
When your husband cheats, you must find ways to survive his affair and rebuild your marriage with help.
Marriage Advice Videos
Get marriage advice videos from relationship experts, marriage counselors and common everyday couples.
Save Your Marriage Video
Watch these Save Your Marriage video from marriage counselors, relationship experts and real life couples to find out how you can fix your marriage.
Marriage Advice Articles
Here you will find many useful Marriage Advice Articles to help you re-kindle the love and passion in your marriage
Here you will find helpful marriage and relationship resources.
Partner Products
Find marriage advice books, DVDs and other resources to help improve or save your marriage from our partner products.
Soul Mates Blog: Marriage Advice For Couples
The Marriage Soul Mates Blog is Debbie and Dale's personal marriage advice resources for re-kindling your love and passion to help you save your marriage and to discover your soul mate.
Free Surviving Affair Report
Get this Free Surviving Affair report to get the help you need to get through this difficult time.
Free Save Marriage Report
Get your Free Save Marriage Report here to help you with your troubled marriage.
Contribute to Marriage Advice
Would you like to share your knowledge about marriage advice? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

Save Your Marriage

You can save your marriage from divorce despite the reality that divorce statistics have been steadily rising in recent years.

We know now that all marriages have between a 40 and 50 percent chance of ending in divorce which is why it's more important than ever to have the necessary skills to  ensure your relationship is secure against the threat of divorce....Read More

Love Test

How do you know whether you are truly in love and not just infatuated with this other person?  Failure to understand the difference between love and infatuation goes well beyond finding the right person. Unless you understand the radical difference between love and infatuation, you may set yourself up for a future divorce and tremendous life-long pain....Read More

Soul Mates Blog

The Marriage Soul Mates Blog is Debbie and Dale's personal marriage advice thoughts and guidance resources for re-kindling your love and passion to help you save your marriage and to discover your soul mate....Read More

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